Sunday, September 6, 2009

India-Pakistan nuclear arms race.

I have written before to express my dismay, here and here, over what may, with irony, be called US nuclear non-proliferation policy on the Asian sub-continent in the neocon dominated GWB years. The more recent news is that:

  • India is preparing to back off its agreement to maintain a voluntary moratorium on nuclear tests and eventually formally adopt the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
  • It may be also reconsidering its official no first use nuclear weapons doctrine.
  • A Congressional Research Service report, (PDF), states that Pakistan is taking steps to "undertake both quantitative and qualitative improvements to its nuclear arsenal", (although it also claims that "Whether and to what extent Pakistan’s current expansion of its nuclear weapons-related facilities is a response to the 2008 U.S.-India nuclear cooperation agreement is unclear").

Can there be any doubt that an India-Pakistan nuclear arms race is in progress, or that a real danger of nuclear war on the sub-continent is developing?

See Also: India’s nuclear fizzle by Pervez Hoodbhoy

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