Saturday, August 14, 2010


Those of you rooting for an Israel-Iran war with the US dragged in even while aware that either or both of the Iraq and Afghan adventures have been counterproductive, or at least disproportionately expensive in blood and treasure, better have your excuses and justifications ready when all hell breaks loose and even nominally friendly governments are overthrown in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and nuclear armed Pakistan. Wait till you see what happens in Lebanon, Syria and even Turkey. Then there is Chechnya and all the "stans" and Bosnia like tinder waiting for a new spark. What will NATO do? Russia? China? Not least of all, what will become of Israel?

Have any of you read or seen "Gone with the Wind"? The foolish Southerners were so sure that war would solve their problems with the Yankees.

The real WWIII, (not the stupid neocon fairy tale version), beckons. Everybody get ready.

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