Thursday, October 14, 2010

The "Tea Party" doesn't like Obama

... and I don't much care for him either. I think he is the "change" candidate who has been positively afraid to recognize how much difficult reform is actually needed. We have very expensive quagmire wars being fought for shifting and questionable reasons, a collapsed and corrupt financial system, a hollowed out industrial base, a sagging infrastructure, an exploding government debt and a Federal bureaucracy that demonstrates incompetence in dealing with hurricanes, oil spills, credit bubbles, faked foreign intelligence, illegal immigrants, illegal drugs and with battleworn troops being poorly treated by the Veterans Administration -- just to name just a few examples. Neither have we closed the Guantanamo prison nor prosecuted our war criminals as our treaty commitments legally require us to.

Ironically, however, the condemnation from the right is largely ignorant or knowingly malicious "big lie" style propaganda that falsely accuses this President, who has gone endlessly astray with futile attempts to placate the right, of being a radical leftist. He is actually, like most Republicans, a big government authoritarian pragmatist-opportunist subservient to militarist and corporatist interests who, in terms of political muscle rather than size, define the actual current political center in this country.

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