Saturday, December 18, 2010

A too sadly predictable Afghanistan strategic review

From the five-page public summary of the Afghanistan strategic review released by President Obama last Thursday:
Al Qaida's eventual strategic defeat will be most effectively achieved through the denial of sanctuaries in the region and the elimination of the group's remaining leadership cadre.
That would be most unfortunate if true as the world is full of potential terrorist sanctuaries and new leaders may easily be tougher and smarter than the ones careless enough to have gotten killed.

The actual most effective way to defeat terrorists would be to cut them off from popular support and new recruits. Military invasions and occupations are the most effective way to do the opposite. That is the real reason terrorism will be a continuing threat to us even as military "progress" is made.

Our leaders, and too many citizens, are in the grip of an angry lash out with destructive force mindset which is tragically counterproductive.

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