Friday, March 11, 2011

Libya: an appearance of US stupidity

In today’s WaPo, Stephen Rademaker makes the case that the Obama Administration blundered by (1) endorsing a UN arms embargo that applies to the rebels as well as Gaddafi, locking in the latter’s military advantage and (2) authorizing the International Criminal Court to try Gaddfi for war crimes, backing him into a no-surrender corner. These may not be mistakes at all, especially if the clever Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is responsible. They may be intentionally aimed at creating circumstances where military intervention to rescue to the rebellion becomes (arguably) necessary. The maneuvers to bring about yet another interventionist war may be beyond the merely verbal. It must not be allowed that the rebels should succeed on their own and feel free to pursue their interests independently of Western hegemony.

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  1. You're right Adam_Smith, this is the new trick, UN Security Council has approved no-flight and no-drive zone in Libya. America will be blamed for everything.


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