Saturday, July 30, 2011

On shopping for legal advice.

Using the 14th Amendment in a kind of blunt-force way to, in effect, declare the debt limit law null and void and to resume issuance of new Treasury debt is not what I have been suggesting. Although President Clinton and some Senators who, I expect, are also law school graduates, are saying it would be proper, I don't think it is legally sound. However, I am annoyed that President Obama, of all people, agrees with me rather than them. "I have talked to my lawyers," he said with respect to this idea. "They are not persuaded that that is a winning argument."

Now just a hypocrisy-picking minute.

When he wanted to continue bombing Libya beyond the war powers act grace period and failed to get approval from either the Pentagon general counsel or the acting head of the Justice Departent's Office of Legal Counsel he found a compliant lawyer in the State Department willing to justify his wishes with a novel legal theory of non-hostile bombing.

Now we are to believe he won't resort to a last ditch measure to avoid global economic catastrophe because he is such a strict by the book abider of the law? Who does the president think he is kidding?

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