Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The real Bengazi scandal

Based on officials interviewed by the Wall Street Journal:

The officials said the first draft of the talking points had a reference to al Qaeda but it was removed by the Central Intelligence Agency, to protect sources and protect investigations, before the talking points were shared with the White House. No evidence has so far emerged that the White House interfered to tone down the public intelligence assessment, despite the attention the charge has received. [My emphasis added]

Protection of sources and protecting investigations would be the natural bias of an intelligence agency but should not have been the only consideration. There is also a need for the public, not to mention the president and his advisers, to know what their government's foreign policy is or isn't accomplishing. The evidence that has so far emerged is that the Whitehouse was preemptively cut out by the CIA from participating in the account to be given for the Bengazi attack. The real scandal is that the Petraeus CIA decided on its own how the incident should be perceived and reported -- and that the Obama administration is not having a fit over it.

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