Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Project for the Upcoming Chinese Century, (PUCC)

Practically all the relevant history from the British and Soviet experiences in Afghanistan for General McChrystal's all out counter-insurgency war points to the likelihood of a very expensive and tragic failure. Afghanistan misadventures were major factors in the decline of both the British and Soviet empires. The "strategy" announced by President Obama in March ignored those histories and also largely passed over the subject of means, focusing instead on what the desired ends should be. Now the strongest arguments against McChrystal's proposals are his own estimates of the resources required which must have come as a shock to President Obama.

Even in the unlikely event that public support can be sustained over the many years long effort anticipated the cost will virtually guarantee that China will overtake the US economically. The McChrystal plan can justly be named as the Project for the Upcoming Chinese Century, (PUCC).

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