Friday, May 18, 2012

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party for President

On economic matters especially, I think the independents and centrists are confused and don't know what they want.

We continue to be at great risk from a financial sector addicted to gambling. Reform more drastic than Dodd-Frank is needed, starting with restoration of Glass-Steagall -- but both major parties are unwilling to go that far against the wishes of the bankers.

I also see extremely troubling signs of a developing police-surveillance state and weakening of the rule of law thanks to the so-called "war" on terror -- which is also far too costly in blood and treasure and may even be counterproductive against the terror threat.

Issues such as health care and gay marriage are certainly of great importance to many but overall they pale compared to the dangers we face from the bankers and the wars. Those dangers justify, in my opinion, taking a chance on a "fringe" candidate who's position on some issues may not be to my liking but who is willing to at least consider radical changes of direction.

I endorse Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party for President.

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